Destination Guide: Rovaniemi, Finland

I first read about Rovaniemi in a magazine about five years ago, and from that moment I knew I had to venture to this Finnish fairy-tale destination to discover it for myself. Located in the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is the unofficial capital and gateway to Finnish Lapland. Depending on the season, this magical town is … Continue reading Destination Guide: Rovaniemi, Finland

9 Unique Experiences in Rovaniemi, Finland

Did you know that Rovaniemi is the largest municipality in Europe? Covering a surface area of 8016km², the region is home to 61,000 people, 14,000 reindeer and one Santa Claus! There are certainly many reasons why over 500,000 tourists visit the area each year, with the town being famous for its magical atmosphere, adrenaline-inducing activities, … Continue reading 9 Unique Experiences in Rovaniemi, Finland

Husky sledding in Finnish Lapland

This was very high on my wish list for Rovaniemi, and boy – it did not disappoint! We arrived at the Northern Gate Safaris husky farm and were immediately welcomed with the sound of playful barking. Our huskies were geared up and ready for us to join them on a sled ride through the Finnish … Continue reading Husky sledding in Finnish Lapland