Winter Fun in Queenstown – SunGod Revolts Ski Goggles Review

Last year I got my hands on a pair of SunGod Custom Renegades and have been pretty stoked with the quality, durability and overall look of the glasses. SunGod have coined the sunnies as ‘adventure proof’ and it’s safe to say I’ve tried my best to put these to the test. Check out the link to my own design here.

I’ve travelled around the globe, been ice climbing in the Arctic, swam in natural hot pools in Iceland and wore them snowmobiling through Finnish Lapland. Back home in New Zealand, I’ve hiked great walks, been sea kayaking, traversed glaciers and explored the country’s most active volcano.

Despite all of this adventure, the sunnies are still in mint condition.

Now winter is here, I have been spending nearly every weekend up the mountain. I went through a few pairs of cheap ski goggles last season, finding that they scratched easily and offered little-to-no sun protection. After learning my lesson, I was on the hunt for a pair of good quality but affordable goggles so I decided to give the SunGod Custom Revolts Ski Goggles a go this winter.

My favourite part about working with SunGod is that you are able to fully customise your goggles or sunnies. I had a lot of fun on their website choosing between the different options before settling on the Matte Black frames, 4KOsnow Fire lenses and white text on black strap Custom Revolts.


The SunGod Revolts are the world’s 1st interchangeable, fully replaceable goggles which took off after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. 1400 people from 43 countries backed the campaign, raising £133K a whopping £113K over their original target. This success saw them become the biggest ski and snowboard campaign on Kickstarter as well as the most funded fashion project in the UK – ever.

I received my goggles just a few days after placing the order online and got out to road test them as soon as I could, heading up to The Remarkables in Queenstown.


Unpacking the Revolts from the protective pouch, I was surprised how light they felt and initially wondered how they would perform. Although as soon as I tried them on, they felt so comfortable and fit really well – the frames are made up of a three-layer foam which helped mould them to the shape of my face without making it hard to breathe through my nose.


Once out on the mountain, the goggles performed really well. It was a bluebird day and the polarised lenses gave off a nice contrast, clearly defining the surrounding terrain.


It’s been a few weeks now and unlike my previous goggles, I haven’t had any issues with these fogging up. There are specially designed air flow vents to help prevent this from happening but will still hold some warmth in those chilly temps.


The 4KO Fire lenses were designed for sunny conditions with 100% of all UVA/B rays being filtered (400nm). Not only is the 4KO lens technology a patented design, but they have been through many seasons of rigorous testing to develop and enhance the contrast and clarity of the lenses. I was also very impressed with the level of undistorted peripheral vision the Revolts offered.


I really love the colour of the Fire design, they are mostly a blend of orange / yellow, with greens and blues around the edges. They are also fully interchangeable so you can keep another lens with you in case the weather turns or even just to wear so it matches your other snow gear!


There is a really handy guide on the lens colours and what conditions they are designed for on the SunGod website.


Another issue I have had in the past is the strap sliding down the back of my helmet. The SunGod Revolts straps are silicon lined to keep them in place and prevent them slipping.


While I try to keep my goggles protected in the micro fibre case, I have been a bit lazy and just thrown them in the car or my pack a few times. I feel a bit reassured by the triple-layer scratch-resistant coating, and so far they remain in perfect condition.


I’ve developed a whole new appreciation for high-quality snow gear and can’t get enough of my SunGod Revolts, so much so that I already have my eye on the 4KO High Vis Blue lenses for the lower light and overcast conditions. We do a bit of night skiing here in New Zealand so those lenses would be a better option for evening conditions.


If you’re interested in checking out some of the other design options or learning more about the goggles in general, visit the SunGod website and have a look around.


These are the exact design of my SunGod Custom Revolts and here is the design of my SunGod Custom Renegades sunglasses.


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