Horse Riding through fields of lupins

Each Decemeber, the fields near Queenstown and Glenorchy come to life with the most amazing colours – purple, pink and white lupins begin to bloom and despite being considered a weed here in New Zealand, in many other countries they are a protected species.


This is my favourite time of year to visit Glenorchy and Paradise, and the perfect excuse to go horse riding through the Rees Valley with High Country Horses.


I have been horse riding with High Country twice now and both times, the scenery did not disappoint. Every direction you look toward offers a different alpine backdrop.


We chose the Rees River Trail trek which is the perfect half day option, taking you through the lupin fields, rivers and baron river beds.


There were plenty of opportunity to trot and even canter at points, although this will depend on the ability of the riders in your group.


The Glenorchy region is famous for its rich history and filming locations for Lord of the Rings movies.


I rode a beautiful chestnut horse called Paddy, who a 10 year old ex-hunting horse. He was the perfect match for me and I was so happy being in his presence.


The river crossings were one of the highlights of our journey!


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