The changing scenery of Milford Sound


Milford Sound is known for its ever-changing environment – one minute the sun could be shining, and it could be raining the next. I love the unpredictability, knowing you could be in for a different perspective of Milford Sound each day.



The region can receive up to 7 metres of rainfall annually, which helps fuel the spectacular waterfalls that tumble down the vertical cliffs of the fiord. While there are two permanent waterfalls in Milford Sound, the rain brings thousands of temporary waterfalls to life – which is truly one incredible sight.



The mornings can be quite shaded as the surrounding peaks reach nearly 1700 metres high, although as the sun rises, a magical light filters through breaks in the fiord, and at times the sky can put on quite a show as the sunsets over the region.


Another aspect that brings change to the region is the winter snowfall. This can be particularly noticeable as you fly over Fiordland, getting an aerial view of the snow-capped peaks below. Mitre Peak can be completely bare in the summer, or covered in snow in the winter.


Take a look through the images below to see how much the fiord changes from season to season and even different times of the day.


No matter what the weather is like on your visit to Milford Sound, it will be a truly majestic sight and will help you realise how it is known to be the eighth natural wonder of the world.


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