Adventure review: Skydiving over Coffs Harbour

Why not make your journey along The Legendary Pacific Coast one to truly remember by adding in a once-in-a-lifetime experience along the way.

From the moment you arrive at the Coffs City Skydivers office, reality sets in and a complete wash of fear runs over you. Although after and seeing other passengers arrive back from their jump, with smiles from ear to ear, the excitement began kicking in.

I read a poster on the wall, ‘On the other side of fear is freedom’, which was the perfect amount of inspiration I needed for the journey I was about to embark on.

img_20160327_132224(Captured on GoPro)

We kitted up in our harness and got a run down from our instructors before heading out to the plane. Seven of us piled into the plane and before we knew it we were off the ground. I personally think the next few minutes of circling our way up to 12,000 ft above Coffs Harbour was the scariest part of the journey, I don’t enjoy small planes so it was a brilliant way to get me amped – I couldn’t wait to get out of there!

img_20160327_131944(Captured on GoPro)

As we reached altitude, the door opened – there was no backing out now. Our cameraman just casually slid out of the doorway and hung onto the outside of the plane while we scooted over to the edge. My feet were dangling in the air as we were flying 12,000 ft above the earth. I tilted my head back and next thing, we were flying through the sky at speeds of over 200km per hour!

img_20160328_082635(Captured on GoPro)

This unbelievable feeling lasted for around 45 seconds which was plenty of time to be able to take in the experience and do some cool maneuvers with our cameraman. He flew over to us and grabbed my hands and we got to spin around in what felt like slow motion. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

img_20160327_131700(Captured on GoPro)

We were then about to embark on an entirely new adventure, as it was time for the parachute to open. The rush was still in full force, and it wasn’t until my instructor Lawrence told me to hold out my arms and close my eyes that I could appreciate the closest feeling to flying. The views were unreal, looking out over the golden sands and turquoise waters of Coffs Harbour’s finest beaches.

Lawrence pointed out points of interest in the environment below and we spiraled around in the air a few times before it was time to come in to land on the beach. It was such a scenic landing and the perfect end to a flawless experience! The team had a bottle of water waiting for us which was very much needed after all the action of freefalling and gliding back down to earth. The rush lasted for the entire day, and it was crazy to think that as we continued our journey along The Legendary Pacific Coast, I had actually jumped out of a plane earlier that morning!

To all of you who are now adding ‘Skydiving over Coffs Harbour’ to your bucket list, I highly recommend paying the extra money and getting a freefall photographer to jump with you + handy cam photo/video. The perspective they both capture is amazing and will support the memory engrained in your mind that will last a lifetime.

The team at Coffs City Skydivers run an impeccable operation and I felt more than safe putting my life in their hands. It’s safe to say that I ‘found the freedom’ on the other side of my fear, and left Coffs Harbour with unforgettable memories and a huge smile on my face!

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